Prior Meetings and Presentations

The City of Treasure Island has engaged the public in the development of an updated vision for the long range planning of the City. In addition to public hearings to accept the draft Evaluation and Appraisal Report for the City's Comprehensive Plan, the  City has also conducted Charrettes in December 2021 to advance the development of this vision. 

The City's Commission and Land Planning Agency held a series of Joint Visioning Workshops in early 2022 to engage the public and solicit feedback. In late 2022, the City will be planning additional public engagement meetings when we explore the Land Development Regulations. Land Development Regulations set the standard for all development in a community, such as zoning and floodplain regulations. 


Please see below links for prior presentations.

LPA Presentation

July 8, 2021

City Commission - EAR Adoption

August 17, 2021

Comprehensive Plan Charrette #1

December 9, 2021

Comprehensive Plan Charrette #2

December 11, 2021

Joint LPA/City Commission Meeting #1

January 18, 2022

Joint LPA/City Commission Meeting #2

February 1, 2022

LPA Workshop

March 10, 2022

LPA Workshop

April 14, 2022

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