Treasure Island's Comprehensive Plan

A City’s Comprehensive Plan can be as detailed and unique to the City’s needs as is desired. The City adopted its last EAR Based Amendments in 2012, amending the Future Land Use Element to incorporate the Downtown Special Area Plan. More recent amendments were in 2016 and 2017 to increase tourist accommodation densities followed by a correction to delete the requirement of a development agreement. The City is almost entirely built-out and has no desire to increase densities. Rather, the City is looking towards it’s future in a sustainable way. As a coastal, low elevation community, the City will continue to address the impacts of Sea Level Rise (SLR) during this planning period. Other important coastal community issues that are likely to come up include: beach re-nourishment; sea turtle habitat protection (lighting, sand quality, dune enhancement, education, enforcement); recycling and solid waste management (especially for multi-family); sea oat enhancement and protection; sea grass bed protection and sustainment; private boat docks and the impact to the ecosystem; hurricane evacuation planning; adaptation strategies to address SLR; and coastal high hazard area planning.  Additionally, the State of Florida has recently required cities to update the Comprehensive Plan with Goals, Objectives and Polices to address perils of flood and private property rights.


These, and other issues that are unique to Treasure Island, were analyzed and utilized to inform the EAR review and recommendations as appropriate to bring the comprehensive plan up to date. The chapters of the comprehensive plan were reviewed to identify successes or shortcomings in achieving the City’s goals, objectives and policies.  The plan was also reviewed to address and comply with changes in State laws, regional plans and/or administrative rules. The proposed EAR amendments are provided in strike-through/underscore format. When the Comprehensive Plan is completed in 2022, the City will begin working on the Land Development Regulations. We welcome comments on the suggestions and comments on the land development regulations now and will at that time.

Please see below for prior presentations and resolutions on this project. 

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