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2022 Comprehensive Plan Update

Please join us in planning the future of our community.



A City’s Comprehensive Plan is the City's guiding document to plan and provide direction to achieve its community's vision. The City recently completed its Evaluation and Appraisal Report and is in the process of developing amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. The plan was also reviewed to comply with changes in State laws, regional plans and administrative rules. 

Our City's vision will look to the future and provide direction on what we desire in our daily lives. This vision will include considerations of how to preserve and enhance quality of life, with approaches on how we can maximize opportunities to guide community growth, resiliency, and economic development.  

Below please find the existing Comprehensive Plan reflecting the state mandated legal changes reviewed during the Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR).  The EAR notifies the State of Florida that the city intends to update the Comprehensive Plan.  The EAR was recommended by the City’s Land Planning Agency (LPA) to the City Commission and in August of 2021 the City Commission passed a resolution and the EAR was then transmitted to the State.   The strike through indicates that this has been removed, the underlined items have been added.

To provide feedback or learn about upcoming meetings and workshops for the plan, please see our Meetings page.

The plan linked below primarily dates to 1999, and the City's goal is to update these elements to create a shared vision that will take us through 2042. You can view each specific element utilizing the links below.

New Property Rights Element

We welcome suggestions and comments on the Comprehensive Plan. Please check back regularly on our meetings page to keep informed about upcoming meetings.


Please see below links for prior presentation to the LPA regarding the Evaluation and Appraisal Report. In late 2022, the City will be planning additional public engagement meetings when we explore the Land Development Regulations. Land Development Regulations set the standard for all development in a community, such as zoning and floodplain regulations. 

The City held two Charrette sessions in early December 2021 to engage the public and solicit feedback. Please see below links for the presentations for both meetings.

The City's Commission and Land Planning Agency held a Joint Visioning Workshop in early 2022 to engage the public and solicit feedback. Please see below links for the presentation.


Stay Involved!

Please reach out to us at TreasureIslandCompPlan@corradino.com with any questions or comments!